BlockPanda helps developers build and deploy apps on a distributed ledger (blockchain), without having to worry about building the underlying framework. This is an ongoing project, so there is not much to report just yet.


Verifi allows firms/individuals make better decisions using data from a multiple sources (think Social Security number + Credit Rating firm). Initially a single product, we had to split this product into 3 due to different target users. The new products are Assure (educational/work history verification), Pay (payroll management/pay-work history verification) and Inform (API to report/request human data).

  • Scouted and recruited the local Dev team of senior developers after transferring product & software development from Gigster, USA
  • Setup the first verification centres
  • Hired the operation and sales staff
  • Was responsible for design-product strategy and AGILE execution for versions 1-3 of Verifi Core and led the split of the product into Assure and Pay by Verifi
  • Our execution style was Lean-AGILE product management coupled with user-centric design.
  • Was responsible for product-market fit of new products -Pay (payroll software), Assure (identity verification), and Inform (3rd party data API).
  • My team and I grew the Pay user base from 0-123 firms over multiple product iterations
  • Processed NGN70m/USD194,000 in payroll over 6 months.

Sangalo connects football fans to communities of football fans. Think a football game at the pub. At the time, about 73% of football fans in Nigeria were low income to unemployed young men between the ages of 15-35. I led this startup for 17 months.

The product had been in development for 11 months receiving moderate traction (e.g. 1,500 organic users) prior to my team taking over, and was engaging with the users across a mobile website/iphone-Android mobile app. Development costs were high with the development team not been fast enough to respond to design pivots based on user feedback, amongst other issues.

  • Product acquired by iConcepts
  • Reduced OpEx by 65% in first 4 months
  • Recruited a local operations team after transferring application development from Useful and Beautiful, South Africa
  • Shipped the minimum viable product 12 weeks after of hiring a local team
  • Was responsible for organisational management and planning
  • Had 123,000 users at acquisition
  • Led the product team
    • Used iterative design to guide product strategy
    • Made an 83% cut in technical budget without comprising quality of service
    • Deployed a Lean-Agile Hybrid Framework, Continuous Integration & Project management tools.
    • Recruited and managed a specialized team of local and remote developers
    • Designed and deployed stable, scalable software and server architecture
    • Rebuilt the core of the product to attain stability, functionality and scalability
    • Restructured the project into Modules; Mobile App, Web App, Marketing & PR Platform, Data Warehouse
    • Tech Stack: Git, JIRA, Python, PHP, Mysql, MongoDB, BASH, Bamboo, Java

L5lab is a venture capital/development firm. At L5lab, we invest in early-growth stage startups, and internally build products to tackle niche problems.

I joined L5lab as a Product Manager after (an L5lab funded startup) was acquired by

  • Oversaw the development and implementation of new software products
  • Shipped products include (Payroll), Crew (Employee Tracker), DCF Processing Service for Mastercard and Visa (card transaction settlements), (fashion, beauty and lifestyle website), (startup accelerator), (high/secondary school exam preparation website) etc.
  • Was responsible for Product Marketing, Strategy, Planning and Positioning.
  • Drove software product enhancements improvements / transformational plans.
  • Tech Stack: CodeIgniter PHP Framework, ASP.NET MVC (C#), MSSQL (CodeSmith), Git, JIRA, Bamboo, Confluence Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services
4Forty Bus Limited/ is an online interstate bus ticketing service, allowing you buy tickets from any transporter anytime any day. This started out as a school final year project and ended up gaining traction amongst users that it got acquired by as they expanded their travel ticketing services to include bus ticketing. Our team of five was composed of one developer, one admin responsible and three sales people. I was leading the sales team, however, when we could not handle the user feedback we were getting from all stakeholders I decided to fill in the role of the product manager/designer and learn literally on the job.

  • Delivered consistent growth in operations and sales up till the acquisition of the company by
  • Led the successful Go-to-Market launch to acquire early adopters (activated customer growth grew by 215%)
  • Managed and developed the life cycle of 3 products- BookingSync (online booking system for transporters), (online ticketing service) and WebBooking (whitelisted online booking service)