Product Designer/Manager

Oya is an online bus ticketing service. You can buy bus tickets to inter-state destinations. This was my first ever design project, and it was acquired by Wakanow.

Interstate bus passengers had never used an online ticketing service before; all bus tickets were bought at the bus terminal. This was limited by operational hours and proximity to the terminal.

The product goal was to take this experience and put it in the pockets of the travellers.


For the bus traveller experience, we tried to replicate the existing local online air ticketting experience. However, customers hated the online billing experience and also being required to sign up before booking. This caused a lot of drop offs at the aforementioned stages.

To better understand the issues faced by the user with billing, we had to organise focus groups to understand the reality of our users. We found that even though users were happy to be able to book a ticket without going to the park, they were wary of paying for this online (online banking was relatively new in Nigeria at the time). To solve this, we decided to test online payments against reservations + cash payments at the terminal. The results strongly favoured the offline payments and so we decided to make this the preferred payment option with online payment being the secondary option

Another issue faced by travellers was not knowing which seat was which. Our initial design just asked the passenger to select a seat number. This was painful for the passengers because when they went to the terminals they spoke with the ticket seller and had a clear understanding of where the seat was within the bus. By adding a visual representation of the bus seating arrangement, we were able to replicate this experience and relieve this user pain. This can be seen above.

We also ran a series of A/B tests to compare bus ticket booking rates with a sign up versus no sign up required filter. The results strongly favoured the no sign up required flow.

Oh! And below is my first wireframe ever...on a piece of trusty old paper!